About TruffleHunter

We are the UK’s leading supplier of fresh truffles and truffle products.

TruffleHunter started more than 10 years ago in our Italian base at the foot of the Sibillini Mountains in Le Marche Central Italy where some of the world’s finest fresh truffles are to be found.

We started the business by buying fresh truffles from the local hunters based in the Sibillini Mountain National Park, and selling them directly to some of the finest chefs and restaurants in the UK.

After a number of years spent learning all about sourcing and selling fresh truffles we eventually realised that limiting ourselves to sourcing fresh truffles from the local hunters in this region meant that we were missing out on many other wonderful truffle locations throughout other areas of Europe.

As truffle specialists we now know that the finest quality truffles grow all over Europe; quality, availability and the value of truffles varies dramatically depending on the variety of truffle, the microclimatic conditions, the time of year and the knowledge and skill of local hunters.

Our passion is leveraging this expertise to source the very best quality fresh truffles from the best locations so that we can sell them directly to you.

In October 2010 we decided to set up our UK fresh truffle distribution and truffle product manufacturing centre in the Cotswolds, England. At our UK head office we now source fresh truffles from the best locations across Europe and we hand make some of the world’s finest truffle products.

Quality is the key to our business. Our fresh truffles are subjected to strict quality control checking procedures, and our products are manufactured in accordance with the highest food safety regulations and certifications.

Our fresh truffles are served in restaurants throughout the UK and much further afield, we even supply a 3 Michelin Star restaurant in Japan! And our wonderful truffle products are now recognized and sold all over the world, both in retail and food service sectors, with our main markets being the UK, Germany, USA, Japan, Singapore and India.

All of our truffle products are produced in small hand made batches at our Cotswold base; from truffle oils to truffle mustard, truffle mayonnaise to truffle salt; we produce our products from the best ingredients we can find. We have even developed our very own unique truffle flavour!

Our truffle products are now sold in the finest speciality food stores and you will find our brand in some of the best shops across the UK and further afield. Our products are also used widely by many top chefs in many top restaurants.

Our mission is to make fresh truffles and our amazing products accessible to all gourmet foodies; all of our truffle products represent real value and can be enjoyed every day.

We are a truffle crazy company, full of people that are passionate about fresh truffles and our truffle products. We love working directly with our colleagues, customers and suppliers. We believe that we are some of the most knowledgeable, helpful people we know. We have a wealth of information, in a wealth of formats and we would love to share it with you.