Real Truffle Gravy

When we talk about gravy at TruffleHunter HQ, we mean real gravy. Thick and rich with lots of aromatic black truffle. Luxurious enough for your next dinner party, comforting enough for your next Wednesday night, sausage dinner. Our recipe is made in a saucepan but it can also be made in the bottom of your roasting tray, filled with the juices from your latest roast.

Preparation: 15 minutes  /  Cooking: 30 minutes



Step 1:
Apply heat to saucepan (or roasting tray). Pour in the glass of red wine and reduce it by two thirds. Poor in your stock and reduce again by two thirds. The sauce will begin to thicken.

Step 2:
Add the tablespoon of gravy granules and remove from the heat, the rich gravy should now coat the back of a spoon.

Step 3:
For richness, vigorously stir the cold butter into the gravy until melted. Fold in the heaped teaspoon of TruffleHunter’s Minced Black Truffle.

Step 4:
Pour over everything.

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