Truffle Seasoning Set – Gift Set – Truffle Dust Shaker & Sea Salt Shaker


A seasoning gift set of TruffleHunter’s Flaked Black Truffle Sea Salt & Black Truffle Dust shakers. The perfect condiments for adding black truffle flavour to any dish.

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Product Description

What is the Truffle Seasoning Set?
Our Truffle Dust Shaker and Flaked Black Truffle Sea Salt Shaker in one set.

What do they taste like?

Dust – A fine textured powder with the taste of truffle throughout
Salt – Flakes of Sea Salt expertly blended with European Black Truffle

How should I use them?

Dust – Tastes best when sprinkled over vegetables, soups, eggs, meats, anything that you want to give a depth of flavour to!
Salt – Use just as you would use plain salt. This tastes incredible on fries!

Shelf life:
Salt: 18 months
Dust: 12 months

Salt: Cornish Sea Salt, Black Truffle, Truffle flavour.
Dust: Salt, Carob, Mushroom extract, Yeast extract, Flavouring, Black Truffle, Natural Flavouring


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