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TruffleHunter; born in Italy

By November 24, 2017Uncategorized

TruffleHunter, the UK’s leading supplier of fresh truffles and truffle products began their journey more than 10 years ago in the mountains of Italy. Owner, Nigel, had always dreamed of running his own business and at the time was experimenting with the idea of an olive oil business in San Ginesio, Italy. On one of his many visits to the local markets, he started to notice an abundance of truffles which sparked a passion and an idea in him. He started buying fresh truffles from local hunters and selling them to people in the UK who wanted to use truffles in their cooking.

In this time, Nigel and his partner learnt everything there was to know about truffles; how to identify the best quality truffles, how to look after them and how to use them. Along the way, they also picked up a number of top chefs in the UK as customers, and were also approached by a large distributor called Wellocks, who is still one of their biggest clients today.

However, as time passed, Nigel started to notice some glitches in the system he had set up. It was very difficult to actually transport the truffles from Italy to the UK, with Nigel having to drive to the airport to drop the truffles off, as the courier wouldn’t collect them from his rural location. On top of that, Nigel found out the communication in Italy was very poor and because truffle products were only available through distributors in Italy, there was constantly a time delay, as well as the communication problems.

Once again, Nigel put his thinking cap on. He researched the availability of truffle products in deli’s in the UK and it became apparent that no one was really selling them and if they were, they would be sitting on the back shelf, with their labels written in Italian and would cost an arm and a leg to buy. No one knew what they were, let alone how to use them. It was then that the eureka moment came to Nigel. He was going to take these truffles, make his own truffle products, present them in an easy-to-understand way and make them affordable for chefs, restaurants and foodies in the UK. After two-and-a-half years living in Italy, Nigel and his wife moved back to the UK and started their own truffle workshop beneath their apartment.

Ten years later and Truffle Hunter are now supplying truffles to many restaurants throughout the world – UK, Germany, USA, Singapore and India, including a Michelin 3-star restaurant in Japan. They also make truffle oil, mustard, mayonnaise, salt and more truffle infused products.

Nigel and his wife know the art of truffles – their quality, availability and value. They are passionate about supplying you with the finest truffles from the best locations in the world. All truffles that go through Truffle Hunter are subjected to strict control checking procedures and all products are manufactured in accordance with the highest food safety regulations and certifications.

Feel free to ask TruffleHunter anything – they have a wealth of knowledge and information and would be happy to share it with you.

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